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About Me :

Rahul Tilloo

Hi, My name is Rahul Tilloo . I am a Computer Science Engineer and currently a blogger and a Quality Analyst by profession. I am currently living in Pune .

My native place is Nagpur, Maharashtra which is among the newly emerging cities of India.

I am a fun loving guy & I love to play sports & compete. I like to test myself & improve my knowledge in the fields which I’m passionate about. If you live in Pune or Nagpur drop me a message on FB and I will be glad to meet my Blog reader.

I started blogging in November 2011 & I will not fake and will admit that I started blogging to earn quick money online but  I soon realized that it is not that easy to earn quick money online when you are newbie also realized that blogging is not all about earning money online.

I am on Facebook ,Twitter & Google Plus here are the links to my profile: