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We all have one thing in common i.e we all love free things and we are always in search of best free things available around us. From the last week I was in search of best free wordpress themes around.  When I started blogging I could not afford to invest much money as I am a student, so I was unable to buy any premium wordpress themes or plugins.  Now its 2013 and many new people would have started building their online business with wordpress  with start of new year. So I decided to make list of best free wordpress themes of 2013 for you all.

So my big hello to all the new wordpress bloggers & I know you all are awesome people as you have landed on my website :) .

If you are new to Blog Aspire you may have missed the post on best free wordpress plugins  read that one too and add your opinions and favorites there.

Let’s Get Started

The new age in SEO has just begun and there are lot factors which are responsible now for your ranking in Google. You might be thinking that why the hell Rahul is speaking about SEO in this post ? This post is about best free wordpress themes! Ha! My friend now Your theme layout and it’s loading speed are few of the new SEO factors so now it’s really important to use a good seo friendly theme for your blog. I know we all love free things but I suggest you to use a free theme only if you are a newbie or you don’t have enough money to spend otherwise go for premium themes such as Headway Theme or Thesis. These are the best 2 themes available right now in the market.

8 Characteristic To Look Out For While Selecting A WordPress Theme
  1. Good Design
  2. Focused On Content
  3. Good Typography
  4. Good & Clean Layout
  5. Fast Loading Speed
  6. SEO’ed
  7. Easy to Customize
  8. Easy for Navigation

So now you have got familiar with these important factors , here is my list of best wordpress themes to use in 2013.


Best Free WordPress Themes : 2012


Pagelines WordPress Theme

This is the best free wordpress theme available till date. You can customize your theme layout by just drag and drop. I wish every other theme had this feature . Imagine you can customize the theme your way without even touching any single code which makes any one breathe easy but now it’s not just limited to imagination you can actually do it and that too for free.

This theme has a premium version also so I suggest you to test the free version first and if you liked the theme and got some good results go for the premium one. It has much more features. Here is a look and a demo of Pagelines. For more info and features visit their site.


Demo || Visit Site || Download

2. Swift

Swift WordPress Theme

This is my second favorite free wordpress theme which I use on one of my blogs. It has many features such as various layout options, fonts, theme color etc. which are easy to customize & make it look great and unique.The other main thing about this theme is that it you can customize every single part of your theme such as header,footer,sidebar and change their color, shape and fonts. There are few fonts options and fonts size from which you can select the best one.

This is the only free theme which you can customize easily and make it look different from any other blog. This theme also has a premium version with lot more features.

Demo || Visit Site || Download

3. Sight – Free WordPress Theme by WPshower

Sight WordPress Theme

Sight is a clean modern minimalist wordpress theme by WP Shower. It’s features like Theme options, Logo Customization are some of the goods of this theme. It’s again a really good theme for free.

Demo || Visit Site || Download

4. Clean Mag : Free WordPress Theme By WPExplorer

WpExplorer WordPress Theme

WP Explorer is the best resource for best free clean and minimalist themes. Actually some of their free themes can give tough competition to many premium themes available. No doubt this is my favorite place to find free wordpress theme for my blogs.

Demo || Visit Site

5. Mainstream : Theme By WooThemes

Mainstream WordPress Theme
Mainstream is a cool looking free wordpress theme by woothemes.

Demo || Visit Site

6. Busby WordPress Theme

Busby WordPress Theme

Demo || Visit Site

7. Modern Blogger by WPExplorer

Modern Blogger WordPress Theme

Demo || Visit Site

8. Putte WordPress Theme by Gazpo.com

Putte WordPress Theme
Demo || Visit Site

9. Retro Fitted WordPress Theme

Retro WordPress Theme
Demo || Visit Site

10. Simplo WordPress Theme

Simplo WordPress Theme

Demo || Visit Site

11. BeFree WordPress Theme

BeFree WordPress Theme

 Demo || Visit Site

12. Preciso WordPress Theme

Preciso WordPress Theme

Demo || Visit Site

My goal for this post was to reduce your efforts in searching and selecting  good free wordpress theme for Your website.

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3rd. Tell me whether you liked the list or you completely hated it !

4th. If you use any of the above free wordpress theme what’s your experience with it? Please share it with us! I will love to hear from you.


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