10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Now

Every blogger will attest to this; It is very simple to create a blog. However, it is hard building it to get a sizable traffic. Any blog without traffic is not useful at all no matter the caliber of its content. It is so important to look for ways to gain traffic to your blog. May it be a corporate blog or personal blog; those seeking to monetize or to pass on information the readers through blogs must bring in web traffic first. Here are some ways you could bring in traffic.

Traffic Generation

1. Get Involved In Areas Where Your Audience Is Present Online

Just like advertisers, you should know where to find your target audience online. Get to know the forums, websites and social communities where they are found. Several web-based tools can help you accomplish this. You are then able to interact with your audience in these platforms. For example, you could carry a message in a forum or a social site with a link back to your blog. It is highly probable that one of the readers will get interested and visit the blog.

2. Target The Audience With The Ability To Spread The Word

Try to target the audience that is likely to evangelize your blog. Different groups would be more or less energetic to pass on the message to others. For example, content with infographics, videos and appealing photos would be best targeted on tech savvy groups that are very active on the net.

3. Make Use Of Social Media

Social media programs have attracted hundreds of millions of accounts. Such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ among others have such a huge following that if well-managed, you could get a vast amount of traffic to your blog. Open an account at the relevant platforms, write good excerpts and link them to your blog. Keep making friends and posting interesting stuff.

4. Analyze Your Traffic

It is good to know where your traffic is coming from. Analysing the origin of the traffic will help you duplicate the efforts in future to achieve even better results. Concentrate more on sites that are bringing quality traffic. You can tell this by the amount of time that the readers are staying at your blog. Google Analytics is one of free analytical web tools you could use.

5. Use Graphics And Photos

Try to make the experience of visitors to your site enjoyable. Adding graphics and photos would add a good twist to your blog experience. Ensure that they have back linking licenses. Visitors share this out (of course it links back to your blog) among their friends pulling in more traffic to your blog.

6. Research On Likely Keywords To Your Topic

Keyword search helps you know what words internet users make use of when searching for related topics. It helps you use similar terms and words around the popular keywords. This increases the chances of getting a higher ranking in search results. Write a high quality article while using the keywords. However, avoid overusing keywords as they make your article look more or less like spam.

7. Create An Email Signature

A signature helps you tell others about your blog in a soft, less pushy method. It is simply a link put in signature settings of your email address. Unlike manual methods, you can assign an email signature and send a link to your blog in every email you send effortlessly. Try changing the style of your email signature to avoid people becoming blind to it.

8. Make Use Of Comments Section

It is advisable to make great comments on other blogs. This is likely to interest readers who will click-through our details to your blog. Likewise, interact with great comment on your blogs. This way you are likely to make friends that will bring on valuable referrals to your blog.

9. Enable And Encourage Subscriptions

Without subscriptions, there is little likelihood that visitor that who likes your posts will trace your blog in future for more posts. Subscriptions are a way of encouraging those that like your blog to visit when you put a new post. With time, you will grow consistent followers for your blogs. This is especially helpful when you’re promoting an affiliate business.

10. Design Your Blog Attractively

Visitors are likely to like your blog based on their ‘feel’ of your blog. A crisp, attractive blog is likely to get their attention and therefore receive more shares. Ensure that it is easy to understand and navigate.


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