What Is Link Building & How To Build Backlinks

Hey! Rahul here. In this post you will see :

  • What actually link building is?
  • What we actually do in link building?
  • What are the effects of link building on our site?
  • Link building is it right or wrong?
  • What is quality link building?

These all questions are going to be answered in these post. So read on.

Update : Some of the techniques listed here may no longer work as good as it used to.

Link Building : What Is It?

Link building is a process in which you build backlinks to your website or website pages to pass authority to it.In easier language you can say that the incoming links to your website from other website is termed as backlinks.

This links shows google that your website is popular among others & its providing good info about the topic.

Google positions your website according to the content quality and  link popularity  your website gets.

There Are 2 Types Of Backlinks :

  1. No-follow
  2. Do-follow

1. No-follow Backlinks

In no-follow backlinks a no-follow tag is added to the link which do not pass the page rank to webpage its linked to.

For example : <a href=”http://moz.com” rel=”nofollow”>Moz</a>

Here moz.com is linked with anchor text  as Moz but with a nofollow attribute.

2. Do-follow Backlinks

The links which do not have the no-follow tag and pass their page rank to linked page.

Ex :  Moz Here moz.com is linked with anchor text  as Moz but with a dofollow attribute.

So Which Type Of Backlinks You Should Build ?

Results have shown that do-follow backlinks are given weightage by search engines and thus are more beneficial.

Do-follow backlinks pass a link juice to your website and thus helping you to gain better page rank and becoming and authority website but you have to keep proper balance between do-follow and no-follow backlinks to look natural.

Link Building Basics

You have to keep some basics in mind while building backlinks to your site. While building backlinks there is & always will be debate on Quality vs Quantity.  Some bloggers prefer building quantity backlinks while some prefer building quality backlinks while link building.

All use their own experience and knowledge to build backlinks. But we cannot predict the future so my best advice to you all will be to build good quality backlinks in quantity so no matter what panda,zebra or even a giraffe update happens you don’t get affected. So let us get familiar with quality backlinking.

Here are some factors which determine the quality of your backlink and their use :

  • Age of the Website : Quicker Indexation of Link
  • Page Rank of website/webpage : Higher the PR the more Link Juice you will get.
  • Its relevancy : Topic should be relevant to the content of the webpage you are linking to.
  • Variable yet Relevant Anchor Text : You should use various anchor text related to the topic
  • No-follow/Do-follow : Already Explained

Ways To Create Backlinks


10 Ways To Build Backlinks :

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Forum Signatures
  3. Web 2.0 submissions
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Commenting
  6. Press Release
  7. Link Bait
  8. Directory Submissions
  9. Link Exchange
  10. Automatic Backlinks

1. Guest Posting

Due to the Panda Update Guest Posting has become the most important way to build quality backlinks. It is now the main force of your blog which will bring both traffic and link juice . But the main rule here is guest post on good quality and relevant blogs in your niche.

So start guest posting now. I will recommend you to join a great community called My Blog Guest. It’s an amazing forum where you can find & be a guest blogger.

2. Forum Signature

Forum Signatures is another great way to build one way backlinks to your site. Forums help you to develop your knowledge and help you in solving your difficulties.

Some of the benefits forums :

  • Variety of Knowledge : Forums have lots of variety of topics & variety of people posting. Every hour there is a new update in the forums. So you will get much more variety of ideas from people. Many forums guide you to earn your first penny .
  • Forums will increase both your website traffic and website link popularity.

So my advice to all my readers is that  be active at least in one forum which you feel is good.

Note: Remember it’s quite difficult to get signatures in some reputed forums. So just don’t Sign Up for creating forum signatures it will be of no use until you really take part in the forum discussions .

 3. Web 2.0

English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenom...
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The panda update has benefited web 2.0 as use of article directories has decreased & focus is now shifted to web 2.0 websites for article submission. These websites provide a lot of quality to link building campaign.

Websites like wordpress.com ,squidoo & hubpages are few of my favorites. Here is a List of  Best Web 2.0 Website  according to their pagerank.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking roots have also increased & they are gaining much more importance. as stated Google  social bookmarking as a factor in ranking of your website. With Google plus its now a crystal clear picture that social networking is taken into account. So tweets & plus one to your site will help you to reach more people & also strengthen your website ranking. So certainly increase your social activity.

Facebook : Create a facebook page for your blog. Share it with your friends and add the facebook widget to your blog like we have done here. We are new blog and if you liked our blog please like us on facebook. We don’t want and have any fake likes so don’t be surprised if you find less number of fans.

Twitter : Twitter is another great place to promote your website & business. I use more of twitter than facebook. Follow the people  from your niche and make more connections.

Stumble Upon : Stumble Upon is a great network to get more social  traffic to your website. I have about 495 stumbles for our post on  free stock images.

Google Plus : This is the biggest one of all as its owned by google. So if you haven’t created a Google plus account  yet go get it done. Google have introduced the Plus One system to use the social votes to your website & posts and use them in ranking factors. The more the plus one vote the more will be your chances to rank better in Google.

I am present on Google Plus so don’t forget to add me to your circles. These are all new & important social factors which will help your website to rank better & to reach more audience.

Note : Social networking is a great way to get one way links to your website. It will also help you in getting some natural links i.e  in creating link baits.

5. Commenting

Commenting is one of the best & easiest way to create backlinks. If done properly you will certainly get benefited. You will find  more friends & will see different ideas.

Try to find CommentLuv & KeywordLuv enabled blogs. These backlinks would be much more beneficial to your blog. It will also increase the traffic on your site. Create a list of top 10 blogs in your field. Try to comment on most of  their post.

6. Press releases

Though I haven’t myself used press releases but according to my info press releases also play a major role in getting more backlinks. There are many blogs who use  press releases to promote their blogs.

Press releases are indexed by google under Google News so you will see increase in traffic to your website.

7. Link Baits

Link baits are not that easy to make. As it is completely in our readers & fellow bloggers hands to make the content go viral. The only thing on which you can work & create a link baiting campaign is by writing great content and marketing it well.

Try to create epic content. Share your experiences & difficulties you have faced and how you tackled them.

Use Google Trends to track popular topics and try to write articles covering those topics.

8. Directory Submission

Directory submission is another great way to get some traffic and backlinks to your site. There are two kind of directories :

  • 1. Blog Directory  
  • 2. Rss Directory

I prefer RSS Directory submission as they help in my link building process and also boost my website traffic.

9. Link Exchange

I recommend you not to join any link exchange networks as Google is de-indexing them and they may even penalize you for participating on them. So my advice is to build a group of friends in your niche and only link naturally to them if your post topic allows you to.

10. Automatic Backlinks

Again you should avoid these type of backlinks. This is a blackhat tactic to build backlinks. I am just letting you know about it if in case you are more inclined towards affiliate marketing. If you know what I mean.

BTW there are various websites which builds this automatic one way backlinks to your site. Some are providing this service for free and some are charging for it.

Some of  them are :

Link Building is thus an important process as it helps you to rank in Google for any required keyword. Remember one thing that  just building backlinks will not help you, you will have to create quality backlinks with a proper planning that too with a natural looking link profile.

These are some of the techniques to build backlinks to your site. They will certainly help you in ranking better on Google, because getting ranked in top 5 takes a lot of work, especially early on.

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  1. says

    Hi Rahul, Thanks for a great article. With link building being such an important part of SEO we are always looking for more information on the best way to build links. Which of the link types above have you had the most success with or with Google Panda / Penguin do you find variety is best? Heading off now to sign up to your site My Guest Blog.

    • says

      Hi Elaine,

      I have tried few things after panda/penguin to test the Algo like creating a good quality post and not building a single backlink to it.I got on the 1st page for some days but after few days the article was outranked by other less quality article. So I can say that Link building is still really important to bring in more authority to your blog.

      Things which are working after Post Panda/Penguin are :

      1. Guest Posting
      2. Web 2.0
      3. Social Bookmarking

      But remember that everything you do should look natural and the anchor text should be variable.

    • says

      Hi Arpita,

      As per my research there are mix results for Link wheels but I suggest any kind of linking which looks natural is a good link building technique. I don’t personally use Link wheels . The better the content the better will be the results for it with the help of little bit of SEO . The main thing to keep in mind while link building is the quality of links. Every linked page should have good and original content & should look natural. Keep that word in mind Natural.

      Thanks Arpita for stopping by.

  2. says

    It’s sad to noticethat in these times building backlinks is all about how sneaky you can be, and how much you can fool theSearch Engines Like Yahoo. In my years of dealing with the online world, I have discovered many link building software that are willing to promise you the moon as long as you’d purchase them.. I know that doing things manually at this point won’t bring you any result in the rankings, but the answer is not in spamming other sites to death. I believe in an equilibrum. {BUT, every body has their own backlinking tricks, and they do link building in their way.


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